Up The Wooden Hills


Paper foldings at Kale'i in Gothenburg, 

February 28 - June 22, 2017

Photography by Hilda Grahnat

An exhibition exploring repititive patterns - shown through handfolded paper pieces in different shades of white. Each object is put together by several sheets of A3 and A2 that has taken on different forms as various foldings techniques have been applied. Together these repetitive foldings create a bigger pattern and a unity, showing the potential and flexibility of a flat paper sheet as it transforms into a tactile tree-dimensional object. Each paper piece takes approximately from ten to thirty hours to fold. 


Material specification of the exhibition items:

FSC-certified uncoated paper: Munken Kristall Rough, Munken Polar Rough, Munken Lynx Rough och Munken Pure Rough, 90-120 g/m². 

Paper folding is also commonly known as "Origami", which is a composition of the Japanese words for "fold" and "paper". 

Origami - the art of folding paper is often associated with Japanese culture.

(Source: UNESCO)

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